Top Categories In Online Shopping in India

Top Categories In Online Shopping in India


Published on 11 Jun 2022


Apparels in India will always be a hot topic at the given hour. Apparels have been the best-bought product since 2015. Apparels are sold under Marketplaces like on Amazon or Flipkart or on Fashion centric website like Myntra, Jabong, Voonik, Limeroad who sells only Apparels. Apparels site has customized their website taking in account the sensitivity of individuals body type or their likes.  Apparels have an option to select your favorite colors and patterns.  Apparels are the safest product, as you can have niche product category under that or have various product range under with variety of designs and concepts.

Consumer Electronics

Consumer Electronics have a huge marketplace but it is an expensive selling place. The online retail market in India mostly taps on laptops, hard drives, TVs, but most importantly mobile phones. Mobile is immensely popular on e-commerce marketplace. These products are sometimes exclusively sold on the website and not in any offline store. Hence this creates a monopoly for the e-commerce website. Some products are in demand and hence many customers wait until there is a new product launched.


Footwear is one of the businesses which is popular in the e-commerce marketplace. Like the apparel business, footwear business is also flourishing day by day. There are many choices available for the customers to choose from. Also, they can find all the big brands like Nike, Adidas under one roof and also shop for good quality shoes at low price. Hence footwear is estimated to be the next big market in the online retail in India.

Food, Health & Beauty Supplements

In the changing world, as stress increases, we tend to eat more junk food and forget to exercise. Hence many brands have exclusively started health-related and beauty products. As a result, diet foods or organic beauty products or tea infusers or other such health-related products are hugely popular in the online retail in India.


Online retail in India is seeing different categories every day. In the case of precious Jewellery, websites like blue stone are selling their product only in the online market.  Hence these products are emerging day by day. Also in India, you get to see a wedding every other day hence jewellery is one of the important selling categories. American diamond jewellery or modern light elegant jewellery are the popular choices among the youth.


Buying books can be a tough task in an offline marketplace as you have to juggle between different shops to buy one particular book which can be a time-consuming process. Whereas in the online retail it is much easier as the user only need to add the title to make search across the site to find it. Buyer can choose from different categories such as fictional, mythology, educational etc. and reference books from publishers around the world. Before you start selling online, you got to check all these trends and categories to launch or to fit into the category. Selling online can be easy as well as difficult hence you should launch or come up with new trends or channelize your business into some new upcoming category to make it more challenging for your competitors.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are one of the popular choices to buy from an e-commerce website. There are various brands and models available on the online marketplace with the complete description about the handset which makes it easier for the buyers.

Fashion Accessories

Fashion accessories like watches, wallets, handbags, belts, and headbands are mostly purchased by the Indians in the online retail marketplace.

Home Decor Items

Cushions, Shelves, wall decors, photo frames, decorative lights, carpets, curtains etc are some of the products which are available in the online retail stores.

Kitchen Ware and Household Appliances

Crockery sets, jars, and containers, cookware, utensils are some of the major kitchenware products sold online. Appliances like the washing machine, ovens, juicer, induction gas etc are widely popular products in the online stores.

Toys and games

The online retail stores provide a wide variety of toys and games to the user. From traditional games to the device oriented games or games according to the age and skills of the kids, all of these are available in the online stores.

Sports good and Fitness Equipment

Goods such as cricket gear, football, tennis and badminton rackets etc are products which have a lot of online customers. Fitness equipment is also one of the most sold commodity in the online market stores. Apart from the equipment protein supplements and energy shake are also in high demand among the users.


food items such as rice, flour, pulses, cooking oil, spices or masala powder, tissue papers etc are also being sold in the e-commerce retail market. They are not that much popular but are a preferred choice among the one who has less time for visiting markets.


A subscription provides the user to access digital media like movies, music, sports channels and other entertainment channels. The user needs to pay on a monthly or yearly basis to get subscribed to these facilities. Amazon prime is one of the examples where a user can subscribe and binge through them.

Baby Care Products

Baby care products are has seen a rise in the purchase as more and more users are buying them from the online retail in India. They are among the top revenue generated products in the country in terms of online sales. Soaps, oil, body lotion, diapers are highly sold items in this sector.

Computer Hardware, Software, and Accessories

Devices such as desktop monitors, printers, laptops, storage devices (Pendrive and hard drive), scanners are among the devices which users buy from the online e-commerce website.

India currently holds the third position in terms of online shopping. The number of users buying from online retail websites has increased significantly in the last two years.

The use of high-end device and availability of internet has been instrumental in the rise of online shopping as people are exposed to choose from the variety of products. The use of the internet has provided the user with an easy way to meet their requirements.

There are many e-commerce websites providing the specific products, for example, Grofers, it is an online retail website which only deals in groceries products. Pepperfry is another online retail website which deals with the sale of furniture.