Peeling Serum 30% AHA + 2% BHA for Glowing Skin, Brightening, Exfoliation, Hydrating, Natural, Small, 50 ml

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LUXURI 30% AHA & BHA Peeling Serum provides skin rejuvenation with gentle exfoliation. Reduces pores without clogging. Aha peeling serum is a skin treatment that helps to exfoliate the top surface of the skin. Alpha hydroxy acid (aha) represents acids derived from natural substances like sugar cane, sugar maple and European blueberry. All natural ingredients helps in skin whitening. Aha works by breaking down the glue holding skin cells together. In this skin peeling serum stimulates collagen production, which results in anti-ageing effects.

Benefits of LUXURI 30% AHA & BHA Peeling Serum:

1. Exfoliates & Hydrates: AHA provide superficial peeling by removing dead cells and boosting cell turnover and bha clears pore & reduces blackheads, along with making skin even it also improves skin texture by reducing visible pores, redness & inflammation
2. Soothing & Healing Formula: This peeling serum heal and soothes skin after peeling making it suitable for dry & sensitive skin as well. Also, prevents acne or pimples due to its antimicrobial properties
3. Anti Aging Properties: This peeling solution provides multi level exfoliation resulting in skin lightening & brightening. A must have after your mid 20-s when skin's natural ability to shed dead cells decreases, resulting in dull skin, age spots, pigmentation & uneven texture
4. Skin Brightening:- This skin peeling serum provides complete nourishment, brightens skin tone and imparts a healthy glow. Help in skin brightening and whitening.



    I don’t have words for this product. I don’t think that I will ever leave this product. This product does actual miracles to your skin.👍👍

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