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Create Seller Account

Create Seller Account

To start selling on eazybuy, you need to create seller account with the below 3 things


For e-commerce platforms, All sellers are mandated to obtain a Goods and Services Taxpayer Identification Number(GSTIN).

Bank Account Number

Eazybuy can send you sales proceeds to your bank account.

Cancelled cheque

A cancelled cheque with the account number and IFSC code of your bank account.

Product Listing

Product Listing

After getting approval from the registration, you can start listing your products on eazybuy. You need the below things to start listing products.


 Product title

 Product description

 Product images

 Search Keywords



Eazybuy seller portal will be easy to manage your orders. When the customer places an order, we will send email notification. Only thing you need to do is,

 Pack the product

 Update the delivery modes as ready to dispatch

 Our logistics person will come on collect your pickup address and deliver it to the customer.

Shipping & Payments

Shipping & Payments

 The payment for your orders is securely deposited directly in your bank account on the 9th day from order delivery.

 You can view your deposited balance and future payments on the eazybuy Seller Portal.

0% commission fee

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